Inner Mind Sourcing


Our Vision:  Unlocking the Source of Magic within You…


Definition of IMS:

IMS is a unique combination of Creative NLP Solutions™ (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapy, concepts from Quantum Physics and Spirituality, and ideas and methods created by Patrick Singleton.  It’s an integrated approach to facilitating change with people that awakens their natural gifts and abilities and clears limitations and doubts out of the way by tapping into the natural abilities and resources of each person.


Benefits of IMS:

Makes powerful inner resources available where you need them most:

Imagine being able to instantly ‘turn on’ a feeling of confidence or calmness for a meeting, presentation or public speaking, or for an exam. Or imagine being able to easily get motivated to do things that really need to be done, but that you don’t enjoy or tend to avoid.

With IMS it can be set up ahead of time, for when you really need it, and these things are not only possible with IMS, but easy.

Eliminates unreasonable fears, doubts and even phobias:

What if you could really overcome a fear that holds you back from doing something important, or something you really want to achieve? What if you could really become free of a strong fear or a phobic response to things like heights, flying, water, snakes, dentist visits, needles or elevators etc.?  

These types of fears can truly be eliminated using IMS.

Helps you recover from traumatic experiences and move forward in positive ways:

Imagine really letting go of a traumatic event from some time in your life, no matter how long ago it happened. And imagine that you could do it in a way that does Not require you to suffer or re-experience the event. You can simply let the old emotions go, in a way that really works, without having to feel those feelings again. And yet you still retain anything important you may have learned as a result, like what kinds of people or situations to avoid now and in the future.

This is absolutely possible using IMS.

Realistically increases your self confidence by recovering essential positive truths about you:

What if you could really let go of an inner feeling or belief that you’re just – ‘not good enough,’  ‘unlovable’, ‘unworthy’, ‘weak’ or ‘stupid,’ etc.? And what if you could also truly discover for sure, that you actually Are ‘good enough, lovable, worthy, strong or intelligent’?

What would that be worth to you? How do think you would feel about yourself then?

What would you do with your life if you really Knew that you were intelligent, lovable, worthy or good enough?

Making these kinds of changes is one of the most important things that IMS does for people, and it works extremely well.

Assists you to be focused and motivated where you really need to be:

With IMS you can get your goals in alignment with your beliefs and values, as well as your actions, so that you have everything you need (inside), to do what it takes to achieve whatever is important to you.

Having that kind of inner alignment is like having ‘the wind in yoursails’ to move you towards achieving your goals and dreams, and IMS can give you that Inner Alignment.

Resolves relationship issues:

With IMS you can heal and resolve all kinds of relationship issues, whether you’re trying to improve your communication with your partner, forgive something they did or do, or just be able to respond to something your partner does, in a way that doesn’t create more problems.

IMS can also help if you want to regain positive feelings you had earlier in the relationship, help you understand your partner better, or if the relationship has ended or needs to end, and you need help letting go, IMS can also help you do that. 

All of these things are possible using the inner technology of IMS.

Gets rid of negative habits and emotional reactions:

What if you could really stop doing certain habits without having to beat yourself up or feel like you’re having to use your willpower every moment? Those habits are automated programs that your Inner Mind runs for you because they once served some positive intention or purpose, even if that’s no longer true. The same thing goes for emotional reactions that seem to happen automatically, like “flying off the handle”  when certain things happen or when expected things don’t happen. 

Because of the way the mind works, these programs which compel habitual behavior can be converted to motivate you to do things that are much more positive and beneficial.

Gets rid of limiting and outdated Beliefs that could be holding you back:

Beliefs affect all of us, yet they’re practically invisible unless you know how to look for them. The reason is that they are the things you simply accept as true, even if you don’t like them. But what if you realized that “money doesn’t      grow on trees” was just a belief that made you feel that money was hard to come by, when it doesn’t really have to      be that way?

Or what if you discovered that “I’m too old to _______ (do something you want to do), is really just a Be lie f that limits you, and that without that belief, you could do a lot more than you think you can?

Beliefs tell us what’s possible or not possible, or they tell us what somethingmeans. What if you found out that when your spouse doesn’t answer your questions right away, that it does Not mean they don’t care, it might  simply mean they didn’t hear you, or were just lost in thought?  Think what freedomthat would be! You wouldn’t have to feel hurt and angry, and your spousewouldn’t feel misunderstood or unjustly accused of ignoring you on purpose, etc.

These are only a few examples of how beliefs shape they way you experience your life, and how changing those fixed ideas can dramatically improve the quality of your life right away!   It’s very possible to make these changes through IMS.

Installs positive and useful beliefs to empower you to lead the life you really want.

What if you could actually decide what to believe about something, especially if the new belief was more positive and useful to have? Normally the majority of our beliefs are formed way before we have the life experience or mental maturity to really understand whatever we’re deciding something about. As a consequence of that, many of our beliefs aren’t very accurate, positive, or useful.

With IMS, we can help you choose beliefs that are more accurate and more positive and useful to have. The technology of IMS allows us to ‘install’  those beliefs (with your consent) in a way that makes them strong and useful over time.


Why Choose Patrick?

Because he’s performed over 3,000 sessions with people and has over 14 years of experience using, refining and teaching many of these methods.

Because of this experience, he understands what’s possible in terms of creating and sustaining positive change in people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Because he created IMS out of years and years of experience with Students and Clients.


IMS is so effective because it’s based on understanding how the mind really works. The tools are based in NLP, the most powerful inner technology ever developed for creating and sustaining positive change, but IMS also draws from ideas and methods taken from Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Physics & Spirituality and years and years of experience using and teaching NLP And Hypnotherapy to people from all over the world.